Early Memories

"When I was a child, and at least through my teenage years, cemetery workings were held at least once each year by the community.  I believe it was held during crop "lay-by" time in July.  We who did the cleaning would arrive early in the morning for work and then the women would arrive before noon bringing "potluck" food for everyone.  Those were wonderful and memorable occasions."

Contributed by Glynn McCalman

"I don't remember those cemetery work days quite as fondly as Uncle Glynn.  It was hot and miserable and there were no bathroom facilities!  However, after the work was done, the kids got to go swimming in the branch (located behind St. Mary's Church - the branch doubled as the St. Mary's Baptistry)  I also remember one time a big black snake was curled around a hoe left by someone at the cemetery...scary!"

Contributed by Mollye McCalman



"Years ago, there was a pine thicket on the ground that later became our family's burial plots.  I remember spending many hours playing there as a child.  Also, as most everyone knows, we lived very close to the cemetery and whenever there was a funeral or burial, Daddy would make us stay quiet and he wouldn't let us go outside hardly at all.  He taught us to be very respectful of the deceased and of their grieving families."

 Contributed by Evelyn Jernigan



In the 1950's the road to the cemetery was dirt with very little gravel.  There had been a torrential rain prior to a funeral and the road was a mess.  A Smith Funeral Home hearse literally got stuck on the way to a burial service.  Mr. Willie McCalman, a resident of Walnut Hill, came with a tractor and pulled the hearse through to the cemetery.  In the late 1950's, the road to the cemetery was paved.

Contributed by Dr. John Russ




  May 2021  
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